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I am

Not going to talk about you know who and you know what…

So, for Fun Strip Friday, here is some of the other funny stuff of this week…

First off, I usually hate any rendition / remake of this song and video, but…
The Muppets do a commendable job!

Then there was Bill, Shannon “the Stalker” and the rest of the “guys” reduced to a bunch of school boys…

And last but not least, this blasphemous picture….

As always,

Be good. Do Well. Have Fun.


As some people out there know, E3 stands for the video entertainment industry showcase; Electronic Entertainment Expo. Gaming is one of those things that I wish I had more time and money to do. I am a big fan with a small wallet and little free time. But some day, one day….


As some may or may not know, I am a big Brian May and Queen fan.

So naturally I was surfing my semi usual internet haunts and came across this on the BrianMay.com site. It is the presentation for Sony at E3 and features a great Queen sound mix and some great video clips of games.

The entire clip is about 117 minutes long but the intro is the most exciting part, ;-) and only lasts a couple or three minutes long and is totally cool.

Oh, and of course one can always invest in this industry through shares of GameStop (GME) and or Sony (SNE). See, I can tie this into stocks and investing after all :-)

If the embed part does not work you can see it and other intros (Microsoft and Nintendo) HERE.