It’s Time

It’s Time. It is time the Washington Redskins get a new owner.

An owner who is more “with it”.

More in touch with social media and the internet age.

Forget Bob Costas.  Roger Goodell and the Prez are on board for “change” and “doing what is right”.

And all Dan Snyder has to say is “NEVER”.

So, as much as I hate to say it, the time is now – for change.

And that change needs to start at the top.  With a new owner.

Someone who is adaptive, internet savvy, can control the empire and of course, knows how to make a buck or two.

A new owner could then change the name of the team.

Of course this change would be a huge event. So this new owner would also need to have connections with media to manage public perception. Perhaps a major news media organization like the Washington Post.

Wait!  Yes! That’s it !!!  Jeff Bezos (the new owner of the Washington Post) should buy the Washington Redskins!

He could do this!  Roger, are you listening?  Team up with Jeff and all your problems could be solved!

As a new owner, Jeff Bezos could change the name.

To  . . .

The Washington Amazons!

That wouldn’t be the least bit controversial now would it?

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