Being Tebowed


The urban dictionary defines being Tebowed as:

Losing suddenly, at the last possible moment, to an inferior – yet determined – force or team.

In light of recent developments both on and off the playing field, and in our own personal lives, I would like to add or change this to . . .

You do everything you should do (do the right thing , the best you can) in good faith . . .
and still get screwed.


And yes, we have been Tebowed.

Prior to this years football season we knew that the games were scheduled for Sundays.
We knew that our son had Sunday School Sunday afternoons at 4 pm.
The football league posted “potential” game time slots of 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm.
Of course we looked at this and thought 4:00 pm is no good.
So we asked the league how likely and how often the 4:00 pm time slot would be for any given team.
We were told that based on enrollement, that chances were that most if not all games would be at the 1st and 2nd time slots. In other words 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm.
So we though good. We can sign him up for football this year and still keep all our commitments and everyone will be happy.
Well, they did keep all the games scheduled for the first and second time slots.
EXCEPT . . .
They changed the times to 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm!
Guess which 2 of the local teams has 4 out of 6 games scheduled at the later time slot!!!
Guess which OTHER local team has only 2 of 6 games at the later time?
Yup, We’ve been Tebowed!!!

One thought on “Being Tebowed”

  1. No dear, you have it wrong. Getting Tebowed means that you assume the victory is yours because of apparent superiority on your end in a competition that can have only one victor, and you lose because their faith is greater than your assumption. In the case at hand, who are you trying to compete against or dominate( get an advantage over), and why do you think you deserve the preferred position? I understand your frustration and feel your pain, but I think you have your definitions mixed up.;)

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