A War of Sorts

Suffice it to say, Big Bang Theory Fans are NOT NCAA Basketball Fans and vise versa.

March Madness has pre-empted Big Bang for weeks now and folks are not happy. People have been heard yelling at the TV “NOOOooooo” and “F#$@! Basketball”. Thank god for DVD seasonal episodes, multiple Television sets and the Internet; or there would be major withdraw symptoms appearing and folks would be making the evening news.

And this is just in my household.

Taking a look at the Big Bang Theory FaceBook page one can see all 2,283 comments on this topic alone!

Of course, this is nothing new. Major networks pay big money for the rights to show these games, and there is big advertising money to be made from the thousands of Basketball fans and college alumni.

It used to happen with other shows such as Star Trek and garner similar responses from disgruntled Trekkies.

But to all those intellectual comedy aficionados out there, I have good news! Looking at the TV guide listings for next week, the Brand New Episode of Big Bang is on as scheduled!

And Basketball fans are forced to wait for their beloved Final Four.

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One thought on “A War of Sorts”

  1. I don’t watch many shows, but they have so few new shows each season, so what’s the big deal? Instead of having re-runs in April, you’ll get some new shows for a change, no?

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