The NFL Proposed Rule Changes

The NFL competition committee has recently submitted a list of proposed rule changes for the upcoming season.  Many of the proposals were submitted by teams, coaches, players and fans from around the league.

For instance:

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Mike Tomlin have long pushed to make the NFL overtime rules uniform for both the regular season and post season play.  Since fans and commentators from around the league have never understood why the rules should be different, this proposed rule change is very popular and very likely to pass when the competition committee takes this up later this year.

Another proposed rule change submitted by the Steelers is making horse-collaring the QB while he is still in the pocket illegal.  With player safety becoming more and more a hot topic this proposal stands an excellent chance of passing.

In late breaking news, based on clauses in a yet-to-be-identified signed contract, John Elway and the Denver Broncos have submitted a proposal which states the QB can only be tackled by removing two Velcro yellow flags attached to the hip pads. This proposal is to be named “The Manning Rule”.  Note, the QB is not considered tackled until both flags are removed.  If only one flag falls off or is removed then the QB is free to move about unhindered until the play is over or the second flag is removed.

Bill Belichick, of the New England Patriots, has submitted a proposal which will allow officials to automatically declare the winner of a regular season game before it even starts.

Brandon Marshall, of the Chicago Bears, has submitted a proposal which changes the wording of “hits to the head are illegal while in the field of play” to “hits are permissible while playing the field” .

Fans of the Miami Dolphins have submitted a request to start free agency over AND to cast the entire Miami Dolphin managment team for “The Hunger Games – The Sequel”.

Rex Ryan has submitted a request to have teams win points and extra challenge flags based on the number of headlines generated that week.  Look for Dan Snyder and the Redskins to challenge him on this one!

Happy Fun Strip Friday Folks!

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