Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Sometimes when things go wrong, changes need to be constantly made, money becomes an issue and you sometimes think the real problem is split personality syndrome; you decide to make a change.

After several outages, failed restores, fixing failed restores, paying good money for less than stellar results and looking for ways to become more “focused” I am taking my talents and blogging to and LEAVING my current service provider.

The reliability, stability and next to nothing cost of is an attractive proposition. The only downside is that I will no longer have 100% control of the platform and inner workings of the code and server. But, that might not be a bad thing. For I am not above admitting that perhaps some of the fixes I had to make, were a result of something I either did or did not do properly.

So for the cost of “nearly free” I am giving up the risk of making mistakes that adversely affect the innards of web publishing, get just as good if not better performance that I currently have and I get to save a ton of money too! That makes the decision to go to a win win.

As for resolving the split personality syndrome, the jury is still out on that one.

The decision I have to make is if I want to go in a new direction with my sports blog or keep Fumbled Returns. While spending hours upon hours of mind numbing editing of broken links I quickly came to two conclusions.

  1. I would often start to feel overwhelming urges to scream, or pull my hair, or poke my eyes out with long skinny instruments of destruction. Yes, it is that painful. It seems somewhere, somehow, all my historical image links grew an extra character – usually in the form of a “1” in the file path name. This meant none of my older posts displayed pictures.
  2. I did not want to lose years of work.

So this is what I have done and am doing with Fumbled Returns.

  • Moving to starting tomorrow, Monday March 31st.
  • Starting a new blog called “Bear With The Bull” which is dedicated to Stocks and Finance.
  • Keeping Fumbled Returns at least for historical and nostalgic reasons -while deciding if I want a new dedicated sports blog like this one – Passing Perfection.
  • (comments and suggestions welcomed)

So until next time, where ever that may be . . .

Be good , Do well, and Have fun

And be sure to come back and update your bookmarks!   



JetsI’m disappointed that cornerback Corey Graham is not joining the Redskins. He is decent tallent, at a decent price, and can help on Special Teams too. I wish him luck with the Bills.
But that is not what is funny.
On NFL site, in the same Corey Graham article, another FA pick up – Chris Williams – is mentioned.

He is a Guard.

A position that the Bills also needed to bolster up.
Funny thing is, when you click on the hyper-link for Williams, you get . . .

Chris Williams, WR, with da Bears – weighing in at a bulky 5ft 8in and 175 pounds.

And would you just look at his stats!  It is stats like those, that give people like me, hope.  Hey, I could do that.

Anyway, I’d actually like to see him try and play that guard position, with anybody, for at least one play . . .

I’m sure it would make the highlight reels.
At least they got the blizzard picture right.

Check it out (until they fix it).


Watch Out Dan Snyder, The NFL Wants To Penalize Offensive Names

The idea of referees penalizing a player or team 15 yards for the “N” word is stupid. And not for the reason you may think. Actually, there are several. But lets start with this one.

The rule is way to specific. It’s borderline offensive, in it’s own way, almost profiling or targeting certain individuals, or teams. People should be worried, including Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins and while we are at it how about any other professional sports team with a potentially offensive or derogatory name. This new rule is catering to a certain population and singling out a specific word. Yes, Roger Goodell will now be able to say, “look, we are taking action against politically incorrect and derogatory and offensive actions and words”. “We are a more carrying and inclusive organization”. But because of its specificity, it opens the door for future action against even more specific terms, and names. There is a reason behind all this as to why the rule is so specific and what ever it may be, whether it is to pressure others to change their team names or just more “PR” to avoid more law suites, it is just plain dumb and stupid.

Want another reason?

Here’s a hint Roger, you already have this rule. You just have to expand upon it a little bit. It’s called unsportsmanlike conduct. The ruling should include any offensive or derogatory word. If any such word is said, a 15 yard penalty will be made against the offending players team as unsportsmanlike conduct.

Yes, I did say ANY. And yes that is way to subjective. But don’t worry, it will not be abused in anyway, honestly. After all, it’s not like referees see or catch every hold or illegal hit that is made in plain sight in every game. They are not going to catch or hear every curse or derogatory word spoken. Instead, they will pick an opportune time to make up for a blown call they made, or missed, earlier in the game – just to even everything out – just like they do now.

Expanding the unsportsmanlike conduct rule would be the best of both worlds.   Roger would get the “PR” he desires by saying they expanded the ruling to “clean up” the game and protect people’s feelings while at the same time preserve the game, as much as possible, as it is currently played. This is how the ruling should be made and interpreted, but for some reason it will not be enacted as unsportsmanlike conduct. It will be enacted with a long term goal of catering to special interest groups and their lawyers. And that is a shame.


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